MAC-8002 Mini straight iron |MAC

MAC bring out one potable beauty hair brush, mini hair straightner. Can do it by yourself in everywhere at anytime.  Heating part adopt the natural ceramic painting, installed professional PTC heating element, fast warming system, pushing switch lightly, fast warm within 30s, 200degree constant temperature, which can make hair being heat balanced, hair style can be lasted for a long time, anion plus made hair become more smooth. It can be automatically stop working after 30min using, for which can be safely used. Small and exquisite size let you take it more convenient.


MAC-8001 LED Ceramic hair straightener|MAC

Beautiful women are willing to be eye-catching all the time with their exceedingly fascinating and charming elegant straight hair, but high-temperature hair styling and water loss have forced hair to be dry and frizzy without gloss. Now, we get a new discovery–tourmaline Hair straightener! Through the combination of tourmaline ceramic technology into Hair straightener, weve solved this problem. Tourmaline Hair straightener can release negative ions that greatly shorten the hair drying time and reduce the formation of static electricity; Hair straightenerceramic heating element can release far infrared ray that helps an efficient distribution of heat. Therefore, the Hair straightener with an excellent effect of mild hair drying, the hair will be far away from the damage of heat to be more healthy and beautiful. Such wonderful Hair straightener, you are worth having.